We offer two convenient locations for your Gyrotonic and Pilates practice:

Jennie’s Soquel Studio is a beautiful private movement space. It has views of nature and provides a sanctuary that lends itself to calm and centering for the mind and spirit. It is an idyllic setting for enjoying exercise, offering several forms of movement and resistance training, including Pilates, The Gyrotonic Method, as well as postural alignment techniques to emphasize tone and length in the body.

It is open and available to book sessions 6 days a week. Private and Semi-Private Sessions are available during the day and evenings.

(in Soquel)
(310) 922-4679

Synergy Pilates and PT is located in the beautiful renovated complex on Swift Street in the westside of Santa Cruz. The studio provides a spacious enviornment that feels open yet private.

Sessions are available in both Pilates and The Gyrotonic Method at this location.

Synergy Pilates and P.T.
402 Ingalls St. Santa Cruz, 95060
(Swift Street Courtyard)

Sheridan Studios is owned by Jennie Sheridan Schindler, who is also the head trainer.

“I love to move, and to feel my body strong and agile. I believe finding posture through breath and movement translates to better serenity and composure.

I have been trained in the disciplines of Pilates and Gyrotonic methods. I believe in training the body and mind through these fabulous systems and in addition using  balance exercises and isometrics to achieve optimum posture.

I develop each student’s repertoire differently, changing it up frequently to keep it fun.”